Black House SpiderSpiders are one of the most fear inspiring pests dealt with in the pest control industry.  Naturally, people are anxious to get rid of spiders.  Although there are relatively few species that are highly poisonous when compared to the number of species that are virtually harmless, these eight legged creatures are one of the most common cause for calls to pest control professionals.  The Eco Pattern Certified process applied to spiders uses, biology, behavior and “bite” (or general effect of infestation) to develop a custom pest control plan.

  • Biology— These fear inspiring arachnids have eight legs, many eyes, and fangs for injecting venom.  There are many different species of spiders that come in different shapes and sizes with varying types of web or nest.  When spiders infest the areas people live, work and play they can become a problem whether they are poisonous or not.
  • Behavior— The behavior of spiders can vary widely from one species to another and from one circumstance to another as well.  Often spiders indoors will be drawn to piles of materials (clothing, paper, toys, etc), corners, and areas where they can be undisturbed.  Spiders are generally predatory but can also be attracted to eat nectar, water and some plant materials.  Behavior varies based on situation as well as species and this is both observed and taken into consideration when developing a custom pest control plan for a spider infestation.
  • Bite— While the physical bite of a spider can be painful and in some circumstances a medical emergency, the general effect of a spider infestation can cause anxiety or fear in some situations.

When developing an Eco Pattern Certified pest control plan for spiders, a trained Pest Control Professional will use all of the information known and observed to develop a custom pest control plan.  These plans often include specifically formulated products, applied in a deliberate way to maximize the result of the treatment.  Along with application of pest control products, a pest control technician may also give suggestions to minimize the suitable living conditions for spiders in a home or business.  These suggestions, when followed, can be a great tool to increase the effectiveness of the other aspects of the custom pest control plan.