A Hungry RatRats can cause a rodent problem in different areas for a number of reasons.  Regardless of the reason for rats, when calling a Pest Control Professional, most people want to “Get rid of them!”  An Eco Pattern Certified approach to pest control for rats uses the biology, behavior and bite (or over all effect) of the infestation to determine the best product, proper application and best time frame for dealing with the issue.

  • Biology— A rat is a small-medium sized rodent similar in appearance and a few other qualities to mice.  Rats are generally nocturnal, scavenge for food and nest where there is material available.  Rats can be quite aggressive when provoked and can also carry fleas, ticks, and diseases which can be contagious to other animals and people.
  • Behavior— Behavior of rats can vary from one infestation to another based on a number of factors including, food and material available, amount of food available, proximity to people and other animals etc.  Depending on where they are nesting, rats can cause significant damage to insulation, duct work and stored materials.  They also cause a sanitation problem when they come in contact with human or other animal food sources and living areas.
  • Bite— The over all effect of a rat infestation will vary from one to the next based on the length of time the infestation has had to establish, the number of rodents involved in the infestation, the food source and the location of the infestation.  When rodents have time to establish, the “bite” of an infestation can require a significant amount of time and money to recover from because the degree of damage and contamination can be severe.  Because time is crucial in dealing with a rat infestation, it is important to begin a rodent treatment as soon as possible.

The Eco Pattern Certified method applied to pest control for rats uses the most specifically targeted products, in a very deliberate way in order to maximize the effect on the infestation while minimizing the risk to people and other animals.  This method also recognizes that time is a priority when treating for rats.  An infestation dealt with in a timely manner leaves less damage and clean up in its wake.  Pest Control Professionals are also trained to recognize reasons that rats are being attracted to a home or business and will also be able to apply preventative measures to minimize the risk of a larger infestation.  An Eco Pattern Certified Pest Control Professional can present a plan to address the infestation as well as the sanitation and repairs necessary to recover.