A Mouse Hiding from Peak Pest ManagementDepending on location, mice can be a perpetual pest control need for some homes and businesses.  Areas near construction can see a huge influx of mice because construction can cause mice to become displaced from their nests. In an emerging mice problem, involving a Pest Control Professional will help minimize and alleviate an infestation.  The Eco Pattern Certified pest control approach to mice in a home or business is based on biology, behavior and bite (over all effect).  Biology is the first and most general layer of the Eco Pattern Certified method, the specific behavior adds more information that helps to develop the custom pest control treatment plan.  The “bite” or over all effect of the infestation on the people, home and/or business dealing with mice is useful in determining the level of urgency necessary to properly deal with the problem.

Biology— Mice are a small, generally nocturnal rodent that scavenges for food.  Mice can carry fleas, tics and disease which may be contagious to other animals or even people.  Mice will go and potentially nest where there is an available food source.

Behavior— The behavior of mice will vary from one infestation to another.  Mice will build a nest where there is material (e.g. paper, insulation, fabric, clothing etc).  In some cases a nest could be in a crawl space, others it could be inside of the livable space of  a home or business.  Behavior is dependent on what is available and where.  Though generally mice are most active at night, there are instances when mice will be more active during the  day.  An Eco Pattern Certified pest control professional is trained to observe, ask questions and gain an understanding of how mice are behaving in each individual infestation in order to best develop an effective treatment plan.

Bite— The over all effect of a mouse infestation varies based a number of factors.  Mice are dirty creatures and the effects could include food contamination (with rodent feces and bacteria), destruction of insulation, feces and bacteria in the main areas of the infestation, and damage to dryer, heating and cooling ducts.  It is important to catch an infestation of mice as early as possible and be rid of the problem because repairs and clean up of a major infestation can be both time consuming and costly.

The Eco Pattern Certified approach to pest control for mice uses the most specifically targeted products in a very deliberate way to effectively deal with the infestation without putting other animals or people at risk.