Controlling fleas early is important.  Naturally, when you catch a flea problem early pest control is going to work faster.  Because fleas are often associated with household pets, it is important to choose flea control products and services that are family and pet safe.  Eco Pattern Certified Pest Control for fleas involves a process using the biology, behavior and bite of the flea infestation.  This process determines the most effective and specifically targeted product and the most efficient application of product to maximize the result of treatment and minimize the product usage.

  • Biology— The flea is a common, rapidly multiplying, jumping, parasitic insect that feeds on the blood of animals including house pets.  A home infestation typically begins with a pet and rapidly multiplies to become a bigger problem.  Because there are various stages of life for fleas that need to be dealt with, there is often a multiple step process involved in extermination.
  • Behavior—  The specific behavior of a flea infestation varies based on number of pets, type of flooring, whether or not pets have been treated for fleas, and a number of other factors. Often pet owners will treat the animal for fleas with medicine either prescription or over the counter.  A pet owner will expect that once the pet has been treated, the problem will disappear.  Because fleas can feed on human and other animal blood, an infestation that has already begun in a home can carry on and even become worse.  Depending on a number of factors the behavior of the infestation is variable and often requires both treatment of the pet and a pet safe product application by a pest control professional in specific areas of the home.
  • Bite— The over all “bite” or effect of a flea infestation can be quite itchy for pets as well as pet owners.  A serious flea infestation can become established in a relatively short period of time and can be quite uncomfortable for everyone involved.

To avoid (or be rid of) a serious flea infestation, an Eco Pattern Certified custom pest control plan involves both flea medication for the pet (from the Veterinarian) and flea control for the home applied with pet and family safe products in a pet and family safe manner.  The sooner a flea infestation is recognized and addressed the lower the severity and intensity.  Using the Eco Pattern Certified process is the most effective, affordable and responsible way to deal with fleas.