Cockroaches carry disease and contaminate food and food preparation areas.  Because cockroaches are a known to spread disease to humans, proper treatment and extermination is crucial– especially in kitchens and restaurants.  Peak Pest Management offers custom cockroach treatments that are tailored to fit the individual situation based on biology, behavior and the overall effect of the infestation or the “bite.”

  • BIOLOGY There are several different species of cockroach in the united states.  There are some similarities across the board though.  Cockroaches tend to be earth toned light-brown, dark brown and reddish brown in color.  They range in size from about 1/2 inch to 1 and 1/2 inches. Cockroaches are oval shaped, low/flat to the ground, six-legged, winged and fast moving. Cockroaches will eat any organic matter.  Each species is slightly different and knowing the differences in biology and behavior make Peak Pest Management’s treatment methods most effective.
  • BEHAVIOR The behaviors of cockroaches vary from species to species and from one infestation to another.  Once constant with cockroaches is that generally they are hidden away during the day and come out at night.  Cockroaches are highly adaptable and will eat almost anything available– however if there is an abundant food supply different species prefer different types of food.
  • BITE While cockroaches are not known to physically bite people, their presence does not come without consequence.  Cockroaches spread a number of human diseases.  When present in kitchens, places people eat and hospitals cockroaches can increase incidence of human infection.  In addition to spreading disease, cockroaches create a bad odor and a dirty appearance.  Cockroaches have a distinct smell– and leave black/brown circular spots of excrement on surfaces where they live and move.  Cockroaches have a negative effect on businesses because of the diseases associated with them.

Peak Pest Management uses what we know and observe about cockroaches to develop a custom pest control plan based on individual needs.  We also customize the plans to use the least amount of pest control product necessary to achieve the best possible result.  Cockroach extermination is important to maintaining proper sanitation in home and commercial kitchens.