Carpet Beetles and Furniture Beetles

Carpet beetles and furniture beetles are similar but not exactly the same thing.  Both can be found infesting personal and commercial areas.  Personal things that can be infested are natural wool and linen items, furniture, carpets, clothing, etc.  Commercial items and areas that can be infested are museum displays, natural fabric storage, real stuffed animal displays, etc.  Additionally carpet and beetles and furniture beetles can be found throughout any place where people are because their varied diet of organic fiber allows them to survive well alongside people.

Peak Pest Management takes an approach to carpet beetles and other pests that accounts for the biology, behavior and bite (or effect of an infestation) to develop a custom pest control plan.  These pest control services are both effective and affordable because of our use of exclusion, specifically targeted products and/or deliberate application of products.

  • BIOLOGY There are several species of carpet and furniture beetles that destroy the natural fibers they find by eating holes in them. Adult carpet beetles range from round to oval. Carpet beetles tend to be either black or varied (light to dark brown and varied in color).  Furniture beetles tend to be varying colors of browns and whites in a splotchy pattern.  Carpet beetle larvae are worm like and vary in color from light to dark.  Some worm like larvae are fuzzy and others appear less fuzzy– depending on species.  Adult carpet beetles vary in size from about 1/10 inch to 3/10 inch.  The full size larvae can be up to 5/16 inch in length.
  • BEHAVIOR Depending on the type of carpet beetle, the infestation will look different.  The behavior of a carpet beetle infestation in terms of fabric tends to look like a lot of damage in one specific area, where the carpet beetles have been eating.  Carpet beetle infestations can also take place under couches or less frequently vacuumed areas where pet hair and other organic matter can accumulate.  Carpet beetles have the ability to disperse throughout a home or building so a through inspection is always best when carpet beetles are suspected or known to be present.
  • BITE The over all bite of a carpet beetle infestation can be expensive.  Because carpet beetles damage natural fibers and materials that are often used in clothing and furniture– the cost of replacing and repairing damaged items can be quite high.  A carpet beetle infestation can sometimes be mistaken for bedbugs because both leave behind molted skins.  The differences between carpet beetles and bedbugs are obvious to a trained professional and in inspection will clear up any confusion.

Peak Pest Management is committed to offering our commercial and residential customers the best quality pest control at the most affordable prices.  This process involves us continually learning and observing in order to use the most effective methods of pest control with the least amount of waste and without product overuse.