Carpenter Ants

Close up of a Carpenter AntNaturally, structural damage is one of the biggest fears people have when it comes to a carpenter ant infestation.  When considering pest control services for carpenter ants it is important to remember, when left untreated, these ants can cause a good deal of damage.  Approaching a carpenter ant problem using the Eco Pattern Certified process involves considering Biology, Behavior, and Bite (over all effect) to develop the most efficient and effective custom plan.

  • Biology— The basic biology of the carpenter ant says that it is a structurally damaging pest due to the fact that this specific ant builds the nest within wood (e.g. live tree, dead tree, wood pile, part of a structure etc).  Biology is the first layer taken into consideration in the Eco Pattern Certified Process.  The biology helps determine what products to use.
  • Behavior— The behavior of a Carpenter Ant will vary from one infestation to another based on location, severity of infestation, and a number of other factors.  A trained Pest Control Professional will observe, ask questions and gain understanding of the specific behavior of the ants in each individual infestation.  This is the second layer of the Eco Pattern Certified Method.  The behavior helps to determine what areas need to be treated.
  • Bite— The bite of the carpenter ant is the overall effect of the infestation on the wood or structure infested.  An infestation in a structure can be serious because the nesting process damages wood and can erode the integrity of wood within a structure.  The severity  of the infestation helps to determine the intensity of the treatment.  A carpenter ant infestation is best dealt with as early as possible to minimize the necessity of structural repairs.

The Eco Certified Approach to Carpenter Ants in Vancouver and Portland uses specifically formulated products to target only the intended pest.  These products are applied in a deliberate manner based on the behavior of the carpenter ant in order to minimize waste.  Early treatment for an infestation will  also minimize the effect on structures. Naturally, when it comes to pest control for carpenter ants, early treatment is ideal and treatment at any stage of an infestation is crucial to avoid serious damage.