Bees and Wasps

A Wasp with it's PreyWhen it comes to pest control for bees and wasps in Portland, OR, the biggest desire is to “get rid of them!” For Bees and Wasps, the Eco Pattern Certified pest control plan involves knowledge of the biology of each kind of bee we encounter.  As well, it takes into account the specific behavior of bees in each individual infestation.  Finally it considers the over all affect, the “bite” (or in this case sting), of the infestation on the people and structures involved.

Biology— There are several species of bees and wasps and each is a little different, but at the very basic, bees and wasps we deal with can be beneficial in pollination and/or keeping down the number of other insects.  Bees and Wasps become a problem when they build their nest in homes, structures, businesses and places where people live, work and play.

Behavior— This approach to bees recognizes that in some situations based on biology and behavior– the best solution is to work with a local bee keeper.  In other situations with bees and wasps the best approach is a different method based on the risk posed to people and structures, the type of bee or wasp, and the over all aggression level of the bee or wasp.

Bite— The “bite,” or in this case sting, of a bee can pose a serious health risk to those with bee allergies.  Additionally, there are instances when a bee or wasp infestation can cause some damage to a structure, depending on the location of the nest (e.g. under siding, inside of wall voids, in an attic etc).  Whether bees and wasps are crashing your barbecue, nesting in or around your home, or posing a threat to people with allergies, the general effect of a be infestation can range from unpleasant to dangerous.

The Eco Certified approach to pest control for bees and wasps uses a minimal amount of products, when needed, to get the maximum result– to get rid of the infestation.  Pest Control Professionals trained in Eco Pattern Certified methods use a more in depth training and understanding of biology, behavior and bite of the pest to develop the most effective, affordable and environmentally responsible custom pest control plan.